Why the fuck aren’t we using Liquid fluoride thorium reactors yet?

  • Thorium is 3 times as abundant as uranium, usually discarded as waste from rare-earth mining
  • LFTRs resist diversion of its nuclear fuel to nuclear weapons
  • The reactor is not at great pressures so it cannot explode and is easy to control at all times
  • LFTRs consume 99% of their fuel, typical nuclear reactors consume LESS THAN 1% (thats less than 1% efficient)!
  • LFTR’s are cleaner, fission wastes that are radioactive for 300 years (compared to 10,000+ years for typical reactors)
  • No expensive fuel enrichment needed!
  • 1 tonne natural Thorium = 35 tonnes enriched Uranium = 4,166,000 tonnes black coal
  • LFTRs can burn high level waste from typical reactors
  • LFTRs are much cheaper than a typical reactor due to simpler construction and safer reactors
  • Fission wastes from LFTRs include rare-earth metals used in electronics and medical isotopes

This is it folks, This is what is going to take us into the future. Watch this: